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Changes to TT, HA, CS maps and Wooxy new version

Hello everyone,

I’m writing here to inform you about the changes I made to some maps and to Wooxy.

Yurixy maps available again

I just made available again all the Twisted Treeline maps from Yurixy (Sui Dream Treeline, Glacitas Treeline, Desert Temple) as well as the Howling Abyss skin: Flying Ship!

Jungle Scar and Magic Treeline updated

Moreover, Riot recently updated with 5.11 patch both Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar. They added, in particular moving bushes. Consequently, Magic Treeline and Jungle Scar have been updated so bushes are correct again.

Wooxy new version

Yesterday, I released a new Wooxy version (1.0.1) that includes plenty of fixes (thanks to all the reports and comments you sent) and also some features that are required to install the old maps. Since they will be released soon, I prefered to release the new Wooxy at least one week before the maps, just to make sure it’s stable!

Here is a list of the main changes brought to Wooxy:

  • Skins that are using “air_client” modifications are no longer automatically uninstalled when Wooxy is restarted.
  • Fixed many bugs (especially for the “Save skin” window).
  • Wooxy won’t crash anymore if it doesn’t manage to check for updates.
  • Added “Advanced” features in order to prepare Wooxy to the imminent release of the old maps.
  • You can now add a zip file that contains a “wxy skin” without having to extract it before.

I would ask you to comment if you have a problem when attempting to download maps or just when using Wooxy (that would prevent from having bugs when future projects will be released). Thanks!




  1. Please allow us to enter more than a number (and special characters like dots, commas etc) in the Version field when creating a new skin.


    • Hello. I personally asked Chewy to remove this option because it leads to several bugs, crashes and inconsistencies.
      The version is used in the filenames, so having dots or commas is not good.
      Moreover, custom skins are not like softwares where we update the same thing frequently. Also you shouldn’t update a lot of times custom skins for the purpose of the end users.
      Although this is just my recommendation, you can still make any number of versions, 10, 20 or even 30 versions of the same skin if you wish, but the number should remain an integer for a variety of reasons such as compatibility, simplicity and long term debug/automations.

      Edit: Just noticed the one digit limit, Chewy will fix this in next version.


  2. Sorry for more spam for you Chewy, but could you give us a release date for the old SR map(s)? I’ve been really looking forward to playing on them again. 🙂


    • Hi, I used to give dates but I never released anything at the given date so I’d better not do it anymore :D. But I should tell you that you’ll have news this week (not only about old maps……….)


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