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Blood Moon Bard

Good Morning my fellow skin enthusiasts! Yolo Hagrid here, and I have returned to this land to bring you my new skin: Blood Moon Bard!


  • ‘Blood Moon’ themed base skin.
  • ‘Blood Moon’ themed particles.
  • ‘Bard themed’ Bard.

Now rejoice in this gift I bring to you! Rejoice! I hope this will bring you many magical journeys (courtesy of Bard).
I also have a Blue, Green, and Gold ‘Blood Moon’ Bard skins (taking over the red). Let me know if you’d like to see them, or any other skin you have in that brain of yours.


Blood Moon Bard

You can install the skin with Wooxy.



    • Yeah. This was legit my very first skin, and it wasn’t very good. I’d love to be able to update it one day, when I have time. Might be a loooong time until then, but oh well.
      Thank you 🙂


  1. If the other colors are alrdy made i sure as hell wanna see them ! Riot won’t get me to pay for a fking skin recolor !


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