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Resurrecting the old Summoner’s Rift

Hello everyone, Chewy here,

Because a lot of people asked for it, I decided to work on the old Summoner’s Rift and I have to tell you that it’s a very tricky thing to do!

First, I thought about putting some old files to the actual SR folder but the problem is that the new map is moved compared to the old one. This means it’s unplayable: when you see your champion in bushes, he is, in fact not in it (that’s a simple example of what the problem is).

Considering that, I had to think about something else. The only one solution is to edit the actual SR’s textures to match them with the old ones.

The disadvantage of this method is the time that has to be spent on it. But I guess, that’s worth it!

Here are some screenshots of the actual work I made:





As you can see on these screenshots: I have just begun the work by editing the ground textures first. I also managed to integrate the old bushes, the original minions and the black fog of war (the new one is dark-blue).
However, I have faced some problems like the original river that is impossible to reintegrate (because of crashes) and also the old turrets that are smaller than the new ones resulting that there are holes in the ground 😦

But I will try to find some solutions for these problems.
Now, I would like to know what you think about these screenshots (by keeping in mind that the work is not complete!).

Thanks a lot




  1. Does it mean that the old map skins you made before could also work again?
    I love all your map skins for the old Rift ❤


  2. This is really cool. Hopefully one day we will get our Harrowing back, I miss that, it was my favorite. Nice job as always.


    • I have good results on that!! Some bugs appear though….but it’s still better than nothing 🙂


  3. I”m so happy that you’re working on it and I think i’m hnot alone aswell ! 🙂 I hope that you’ll make it work ! Good Luck !


  4. Great job! Does that mean you can have the first Summoner’s Rift (from before 2012) aswell?


  5. Its nice to see that there are more people interested like me in the old map but it would be nice if someone worked on the Original Summoner’s Rift since i prefer to play on the real classic map


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