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Darius – Chroma pack

Hello everyone, I am Graw and I am a new member of team. I hope you will enjoy my works!
Got tired of casual red cape? Introducing unofficial Chroma packs! This one is pretty simple but upcoming Chroma packs will be more detailed.

Royal Blue

Equiped with opulent blue cape and iron armor with silver outlines.
Download Royal Blue here.

Emerald Green

Featuring dark green cape and darker tones of armor.
Download Emerald Green here.

Deadly Violet

Evil violet cape and dark tones of leg plates.
Download Deadly Violet here.



Download and Instructions

  1. Download and open Wooxy.
  2. Download the skin package of your choice from this post.
  3. Extract the ZIP file anywhere (for example, in your desktop).
  4. Inside Wooxy, go to INSTALL SKIN => CUSTOM SKINS => ADD SKIN.
  5. Drag and Drop the WXY file you extracted inside the ADD SKIN Wooxy window.
  6. Done! The skin is now ready to be installed or uninstalled at any time.

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