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New website


We are making the most radical change from the last five years to our website.
Check it out the new changes and features:

  • New domain:
    • links will redirect automatically to until 14 July 2015. After that date, all links in the internet pointing to “” will break forever.
    • We made this change after much thought, for some reasons, but the main ones being to be more accurate with our best works and to be short and easy to remember.
  • New design
    • New backgrounds, with a simple and beautiful mosaic with colors from the “planet skin”: Blue (Sky) => Green (Nature) => Brown (Earth).
    • The way we handle our website, now treated between two main areas, the portal and the blog. The portal will be the main one, and it will contain all the navigation of our website. The blog will be for our news, for those who are interested. Moreover, our new pages now have a new type of button, beautiful and clean made in CSS.
  • New Contact page
    • Now we have a proper Contact page, making much easier for you to contact us for anything you wish.
  • New Jobs page and About page reworked
    • Now we accept new aspiring users to be contributors, authors or editors in our website. People interested in working with us can check it out the link inside our About page.
  • New Terms page
    • Terms of Service page was reworked with some insteresting new protection features and extension of copyright applied to authors.
  • New map skins in development
    • We are creating new map skins for you to enjoy more League of Legends.

Stay tuned for more news coming soon!

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