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Upcoming news

Website Theme:
Unfortunately, we will suspend the custom design upgrade of our website, which will shut down our current layout and theme.
The date for the suspension is April 7th. In the same day, we will maybe change to a different WordPress theme as well, since we don’t like very much this theme without the design upgrades.

We reverted this decision, and will proceed with a new design for our new domain address.

Website Name/Address:
This is an interesting change that it may (or not) happen. We are currently discussing internally some current complications we already have by using the current name – YurixyWorks (currentception). However, changing it will bring a new downside that our fans will have to get used to it again. So we are trying to balance pros and cons and see if this will be taken into effect.

Night Rift v2:
The next version of Night Rift will follow the new original Summoner Rift updated with more sharpness, dragon area etc from recent patches.
Also, it will fix the random dump memory error that occurs for some players.




    • The file is encrypted to protect the author’s copyright. If you are not the author, you can ask directly the author of the custom skin if he/she can distribute the textures files to you.


      • I am the author but my C drive has been wiped after BoL’s been infected. Then I remembered I have uploaded this single file and thought I could retrieve part of my work from it, ’cause it would be too troublesome to create everything from scratch again. :’-(


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