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Reporting feedback plus advices

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Hello summoners!

Recently, we received some facebook messages and emails about errors on Wooxy or suggestions for the future. We love the feedback you send to us, but to better reach us, I highly recommend you always use the following form to send bugs or suggestions, instead of using youtube or facebook as a way of communication*:

Submit bug or suggestion

* Please note that we still read all youtube, twitter and facebook comments, but we give higher priority to the form link messages.

This way we can read faster and work on it. Other thing to keep in mind, is that we never reply directly by email: messages, bugs or suggestions. This is due to the fact that we are a small team and we cannot really reply everyone as we would like, unfortunately. However, we will always read everything and take into consideration for next updates. Thanks for understanding!

Moreover I have some quick advices for you, if you have questions about downloading Wooxy or want to make it work, please continue reading if you are interested in this.

Downloading Wooxy

You can download Wooxy Beta here, however, while using Google Chrome to download, the browser may block the download as it has an executable, this is an automatic measure of Chrome to block any executable without a real verification (they only verify if the source is reliable, for example, a big company or brand). The file does not have any malware and you can white-list in your browser to download safely.

Running Wooxy

When running the Wooxy installer for the first time, we recommend that you either disable your anti-virus or white-list the program (both installer and program after installed) inside your anti-virus. This is due to some anti-virus not doing a real verification (also known as false positive). Wooxy is created and maintained by Chewy, a reliable member of our team.

Using Wooxy

To use Wooxy, our custom skin installer, is very easy. You can use it to install our custom skins, or custom skins made from any other website. This is a simple and quick guide to make you start installing custom skins in Wooxy.

Creating custom skins with Wooxy

You can also make your own custom skins using Wooxy, and install in the game using the same program. All you need to do is to find the Create Skins button inside Wooxy and extract the texture files (.dds) so you can edit them using the software of your preference (paint .NET or Photoshop with Nvidia plugins recommended). If you are an advanced model maker for League of Legends, you can also extract models and animations (skn/skl/anm) and modify them using a compatible plugin (I don’t really know if there are working plugins for the current version of League of Legends models/animations).

The easiest way to get help is to just commenting here in our website, preferably in the article of the custom skin author, so he can read and help you with your doubts. We give more priority to replying here in the website rather than in facebook, twitter and youtube.



    • Hi vkbluestar. We hope to someday be able to do a Mac version, but that depends on a serie of factors, for example, finding a Mac developer and the growth of Wooxy. Our aim is still to provide Wooxy for all platforms in the future.


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