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Kassadin – extended VU

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Hey, this is a quadra-reskin, or 4-in-1 small texture mod, that slighty alters Kassadin textures on most of his skins, excluding Pre-Void one. Main goal was to make them fit original artwork and make them slighty more detalized.

With the new Kassadin update on his icons, balance tweaks and his animation (which looks awesome now), RIOT also updated his textures. Someone of you may prefer it, but I want to show you slighty altered and different version of RIOT’s visual update. Lets call it “Visual update of RIOT’s visual update”.

Main goals of these four texture adjustments were to make Kassadin match original artwork and at same time make him slighty more detalized and brighter at bottom part, which I think is very dark in original 5.5 version. Here is a list of changes with some explanations.

VU extended previewKassadin base skin

  • Brighter bottom part. I think, originally it became very dark and… flat? Remember how Kassadin looked before VU? Yes, he was very pixelated and very sharp, but RIOT overdid (as I think) with making him more flat and simple, so I brought back his sharpness on bottom part.
  • Less cyan and more blue. If you look closer at official artwork, his hands and torso don’t look that cyan’ish, so I decided to readjust it as well.

Deep One Kassadin

  • More detalized bottom part. Same reasons as above – I think, his top part was very bright compared to bottom one. Also his Cthulhu-stylized bottom part was really unnoticeable.
  • Darker horns on head. In original VU his head horns and shoulder horns messed between eachother, especially when looking at him from ingame scales at maximum camera height. Same as on original skin, I decided to make his head horns darker, leaving his shoulder ones more visible and noticeable.

Festival Kassadin

  • Ice horns darker and with lined texture.  This is one of changes to make his look closer to original artwork – lined horns and golden parts on armor/dress/skin/name it as you want.
  • Golden armor parts. I think, originally updated Festival Kassadin looked very flat at bottom part, so I added some golden parts like on original artwork.

Harbinger Kassadin

  • Darker shoulder and hand blades. In this skin his head is really nice, but messed up with his shoulder and hands, so I decided to make them darker and at same time brightened his head.
  • Brighter and more contrast bottom part. I think it was very dark and not so underwhelming as his artwork.


How to install

Choose which program you prefer to use to install this mod:

  • Through Wooxy – just open the wxy-file and install it inside Wooxy.
  • Through SIU – just add DDS-files to SIU window and install it as custom mod.

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  1. I thought I had left a comment here, but apparently not.

    Wow! I’m stunned. I have never played him but this is an awesome piece of work! I can only hope other Champions face this kind of enhancement too.


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