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New Wooxy Installer

Hi everyone,

I’m just writing here for people who have problems with Wooxy.

Some bugs may prevent Wooxy from updating itself. It means that even if I released a fix for some bugs, it’s possible that your Wooxy cannot update because of these bugs.

This is why I recommend that everybody download the new installer here.

Please, let me know if your bugs are fixed after that, or if there’re still problems.





  1. I can’t update wooxy and I am unsure of the reason I have never seen anyone else with this issue I use windows 8.1 in case that could be the issue


  2. I have submitted a suggestion under the suggestion/bug report thing about a similar topic. I would like to ask about the old SR maps. The seasonal themed ones and the original one. Why don’t these maps load anymore? And if they currently don’t load, is there anything possible that can be done to make them load? Perhaps we could contact riot about it? Or even transfer most of the textures from the old SR into a new skin that has the same feel and similar textures while only sacrificing a few features from the old design to make it compatible? Please get back with me, or email me. I have been very eager about this topic. Thanks in advance


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