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Wallpaper – Crystal Forest 4K


Hello everyone. I’m working on a new map skin for League of Legends, but they take forever to make. One other hobby I have is to create abstract art. Today I finished the Crystal Forest, and cut it into three different size wallpapers for you to enjoy.

This is the first wallpaper that I’m giving out a 4K quality (3840×2160), so if you like it, you can use it in retina displays or 4K monitors. There are also the Full HD (1080p) and HD (768p) sizes for all wide-screen monitors/tablets/smart-phones out there.

About the image:

The theme of this image was inspired in creating a glass or crystal forest. I tried to make several times, but I never ended up liking the result. This one was a result that I liked it, as it shows both natural patterns that turns out as crystals emerging in a 3d environment. Colors were chosen to make the fresh nature come out of the energy influx starting with more vivid colors and as it spreads it turns out for more mature colors. A depth of field is used to enrich the details in center, and at the same time, making icons from desktops/devices much more visible and easy to read.

The signature was also moved to the corner of the image, so it occupies less space now and it’s more discrete.



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