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Wooxy patch notes


Hi everyone,

The time has come to update Wooxy, at last! This update brings a new feature and a lot of bug fixes (thanks a lot to all the reports we received, they were really helpful!).

Maybe some of you noticed that Wooxy only supported the “in-game” part of League Of Legends. With this update, you’ll be able to mod files from the “air client”, and also from the “voices parts” (which are specific to the language of your game).

This update forced me to clean all the code I made before, but after all, that was pretty cool to fix all the mistakes I made.

Talking about mistakes, to make it easier to fix bugs, I integrated a “log” system that will write every important task that Wooxy does. Now, when an error will occur, there shouldn’t be any “Wooxy has stopped working” messages. Instead, Wooxy will show the real error message and write it in the log, so it makes easy to report bugs (by sending what the log contains).

Now let’s see the list of all the changes:

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed a critical bug that occured when there were installed skins before the update of League Of Legends.
  • Potential fix for Windows XP users (Image format not recognized).
  • Potential fix for various crashes.
  • Fixed a bug linked to browsers.


  • The installation and uninstallation processes have been improved (faster and safer)!
  • The checking process at the launching of Wooxy has been remade.
  • Added the “air_client” and “lol_game_client” projects (linked to language, like lol_game_client_fr_fr).
  • Added a message when the user adds more than 500 files for his skin (because it can take a long time to show them all, thanks to Nick)
  • The code has been cleaned everywhere in Wooxy.

Nevertheless, Wooxy is still in Beta stage, and bugs still exist. Our objective is to kill them all!




  1. Everytime i try to start wooxy i get an “error has occured while Wooxy was loading”


  2. Since the newest update, I can’t figure out how to add leaguecraft skins into wooxy. When I drag the folder into it. The loading bar fills up and won’t do anything.


  3. Im using Windows 8.1 x64, and after installing, re-installing and trying various fixes like run as admin or compatibility mode, Wooxy still wont start. But it doesn’t even bring an error message. It just appears as a process but never shows up in explorer.


  4. Chewy can u help me plz it’s says

    An eror occured while trying to access the internet. Either your internet connection doesn’t work or wooxy server is down. The program will now exit.

    error code:04

    The remote server returned an error: (504) Gateway Timeout.

    But my internet works.


    • Wooxy automatically updates. If it isn’t done, please let me know (means there’s a bug somewhere).


      • I get the “Image format not recognized” on startup so I can’t start the program to update it
        thanks for the replay and you work


        • Oh..I forgot that detail. Thanks for the info I’ll put a new installer with the new version soon.


  5. Does wooxy work with things like skins from leaguecraft or was this made specifically for map skins from this site?


    • You can install skins from Leaguecraft with Wooxy! You can add your skin in “Install Skin > Custom skin > Add skin”. Make sure to extract the ZIP file you downloaded from Leaguecraft before dropping the files on Wooxy.


  6. Chewy help me, when I try to start Wooxy appears this message:

    A Critical error has ocurred while checking for Settings. Wooxy will now exit.
    Error code: 01
    O formato da imagem não é reconhecido (I’m Brazilian)

    I don’t know why this is happening but I think changing the download link with the wooxy already update will solve. Thanks


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