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Wooxy Open Beta patch notes

Hello everyone, it’s the new year tomorrow and we are about to release the Open Beta for our new custom skins installer: Wooxy.

But before, I just wanted to give you informations about what will be new and what will be changed. For the Open Beta, we fixed a lot of bugs in Wooxy (thanks to our alpha testers) but also we added many cool features to the installer.

Here’s an overview:

General features:

  • The two links in the first screen we see when we just installed Wooxy have been replaced by two buttons (Thanks to SupremeVoid).
  • We have implemented a new system that prevents Wooxy from crashing when one of your skins is corrupted/unreadable (Thanks to Geo and Perceval7).
  • We have fixed a bug where Wooxy showed a skin as “uninstalled” whereas it was “installed”.
  • Wooxy is now able to open “directly” .wxy files. It means that when you’ll click on a Wooxy file, Wooxy will be launched and your skin will be automatically saved.
  • The location of the windows are now the same for all windows (it means that if you move a window of Wooxy, the following windows that you’ll use in Wooxy will have the same location) (Thanks to Risky).
  • We added a loading screen for Wooxy!

Main screen:

  • As Yurixy writed last week, we have implemented the design of the main screen

Install skin:

  • We have improved performance and the speed of the installation of skins (it was not fast in the past, 3 seconds).
  • For the loading of the screen, we have added a new progress bar with progression sentences…
  • The webbrowser shows now directly the Wooxy Base Guide (you don’t need to scroll down the page to see it) (Thanks to Risky).
  • [Custom skin] We fixed a bug that caused sometimes a crash when the user installed skins with the “Add package” button (Thanks to iDiscord).
  • [Custom skin] In the add skin section, the “Add folder” dialog goes directly on the previous directory we selected (Thanks to weini).
  • [Custom skin] In the add skin section, you can now drag/drop files, folders and packages on the window to add them in your skin (Thanks to weini and PlatinumC).
  • [Custom skin] In the add skin section, you can now delete files or folders you just added (with the “del” key of the keyboard).
  • [Yurixy Works skins] The webbrowsers show now directly the informations about skins (you don’t need to scroll down the page to see them) (Thanks to Risky).

Create skin:

  • This section now contains two categories: “Get files” to extract the files from LoL archives and “Soundbanks tool” to extract the sounds from LoL soundbanks (editing feature is not available yet).
  • The extraction folder for LoL archives and soundbanks is joint. It means that it’s the same except that LoL files will be in “your_folder/files” and sounds will be in “your_folder/sounds” (Thanks to Risky).

Verify skins:

  • When you select an installed skin, the button “Delete” has been changed to “Uninstall and delete” for a better clarity (Thanks to Claritixy)


  • The “Change LoL Folder” button now works (Thanks to 9knuckles9).

Note that these changes are the main ones, there are also other little fixes that are not mentioned here.




  1. Is there an option to make a custom skin appear when you select a certain skin? For example, if i install custom skin Saber Alter Riven, it will only appear when i select normal riven in champ select.If i select Dragonblade Riven in champ select, ingame i will see Dragonblade riven. But isn’t there an option for me to say, When i select Dragonblade for it to show Saber Alter?


  2. When it will be ready for download ? I want to install this low graphics SR but i can’t (SIU didn’t work). Is there possible to install it without any programs ?


    • It’s not possible to install this mod without an installer. Wooxy will be available in beta in a few days, so stay tuned!


  3. Yuri, may I ask for your help? I wanna try to edit the Victory/Defeat screens for the updated Summoner’s Rift. Would you please help me finding the directory for the files? I’m asking everywhere but no one knows, I guess you and your team might be able to help me.


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