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Wooxy – Design Update


Hello everyone. Christmas is almost here and we are still working hard to prepare Wooxy for the next stage.

Before we jump into Open Beta stage, there are some things I would like to present you. Sometimes I will show some work behind the design/theme of Wooxy, and sometimes Chewy will show some updates behind the mechanics of the program. So, without delay, let’s see the latest changes:

  • Changed size aspect of Wooxy, instead of two options 1200×800 and 900×600, now Wooxy will appear in 1000×600 regardless of the monitor size. This change focus in performance, compatibility and faster delivery of the design.
  • All the buttons for the main screen now glows when you hover the mouse over them, you can see the difference between the buttons in normal state and with the “mouse over” state in the pictures below.
  • Changed the bevel in texts to a simple soft stroke, this should make texts easier to read in the wood background.
  • Removed the top-right wooden leaf, to harmonize the balance of decorations.
  • Changed the middle logo to our new logo (the current one displayed in our website).

To the left, the program normal state. To the right, the buttons glowing when you pass the mouse over.

A new feature that I imagined here is the “Wooxy Dynamic Helper“, which brings a way of helping new users in getting interacted easier with Wooxy. Depending on what button you hover the mouse, a wild wooden board appears (oh wait, this isn’t Pokemon) near the button…

You can see a quick preview of this new feature with the pictures below:

I believe these little wooden friends will help out… in some way or other… as well as making the screen more dynamic and friendly. Tell me what you think.

Our aim is to make Wooxy beautiful and friendly. All critiques and suggestions will be taken in consideration and are highly appreciated.

About the next stage – we are still working in more bug fixes and stability before deploying the next stage, so stay tuned in your favorite way / by Facebook, Twitter or registering via email in our website to receive the news!



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