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Wooxy is here! – Alpha Stage


Hello everyone. Today is a great day for us. We are entering a new season for YurixyWorks and a new season for modding community. After months of hard work, we can finally bring Wooxy to light. Check it out the full article to see all the features and how you can join in this Alpha Stage to test-drive Wooxy.
First of all, let’s start with the first and best question that we could answer.

What is Wooxy?

Wooxy is our brand new software used to manage and install custom skins inside League of Legends.

What can Wooxy offer for me?

Our mission is to deliver the best experience possible for the end user to enjoy safe custom skins without difficulty and trouble. To achieve this result, we follow three important rules: Safe, Fast and Simple.


Wooxy aims for a new level of safety, for your computer, for your game and to protect custom skins you have made. This means that you won’t have to worry with new patches breaking up your game as well as other advantages.


Wooxy is fast. Oh boy, it’s so fast you would never believe. Some internal tests here includes instant installs for any champion/monster skins, as well as a blazing fast two second install high definition map skin. Yes you heard me right – two seconds. To uninstall is even more fast, allowing you to test dozens of custom skins between a game and other without having to wait nor worry. Wooxy eats custom skins for breakfast!


Wooxy is aimed to be so simple, that even my dog can use it. Just kidding… But in all seriousness, we aim seriously in the Simple aspect. We have many friends, and I believe you too, that don’t install custom skins because it’s complicated or difficult to do, or because they are scared of changing things in their game. With Wooxy we will have a super simple and friendly environment involving a smart automation technology that will allow anyone to use Wooxy without fear.

Everyone should be able to enjoy custom skins!

And this includes, of course, not only Windows users, but Mac users as well. We have plans in the future to construct a Wooxy for iOS, so more players can enjoy custom skins as well. Alongside the road, we plan to support all platforms and all servers, including Garena servers as well (because the game structure is totally different there).

Is this legal? What about Riot statement over custom modifications?

Wooxy will be only able to install cosmetic changes to the game, it will never change other files to give unfair advantage to players. We are against mods that give advantage for players, and we are serious about it.

While Riot does not give support for modding, because it can break your game, they are not against cosmetic modifications that don’t give unfair advantage for players, and we from YurixyWorks will always respect this rule. We have been serving map skins since two years ago and no one never had any case of ban because of a custom skin.

Moreover, Wooxy focuses heavily on the Safe side, with extensive tests and always up-to-date to give you a free-worry solution to enjoy a new way to have fun in your game.

How Wooxy will interact with the YurixyWorks website?

All of our works will be get through Wooxy, and this website will be a reference for interested players who wish to follow our news regarding the software and our newest skins. We plan to create lots of skins during and after Wooxy Beta stages.

What can Wooxy offer for Mod Makers?

While Wooxy excels at installing custom skins, it also offers simple to use extraction tools for mod makers, while at the same time offering protection in a new format created by us, the WXY file format, which adds a layer of protection for your work, register your signature (author) and other info in an encrypted way inside the file. Wooxy is able to load files, folders and WXY files.

This looks too good to be true! Where is the trick?

No tricks. Just pure hard work to give players and mod makers what they deserve.

Wooxy will never install 3rd party software in your computer, nor collect data or any info from your computer. We only work with honesty here, and very proud of it. I know how nowadays it’s really hard to find honest developers/companies but we prefer to achieve success through hard work and honesty.

Not convinced yet?

We invite you to take a look in our design story and creation layouts.

The story behind Wooxy design & art

Note: You can use the left-click to open a nice slideshow with dark background and keyboard activated (arrows to navigate).

Main theme is Naturia, but later on, the user can also change to the Metal theme*.

*All themes displayed here are not available in the Alpha stage, they will be inserted in the Beta stage.

The developers behind Wooxy

Chewy_256Chewy (old nick: Chewbacca) – The Coder, the core power of Wooxy.

Speed, power, security and reliability of Wooxy are his work.

Dislikes mosquitoes at night.

Yurixy_256Yurixy – The Art and Quality assurance of Wooxy.

Beauty and simplicity of Wooxy. Makes sure Wooxy is friendly for everyone.

Dislikes icons with one wrong pixel.

We will be hiring soon!

One of our plans to launch together with Wooxy is to hire more authors/mod makers for our team. We are willing to pay (from our own pockets) new authors to bring more quality content to our website. If you are interested in working with us, please follow our website with email subscription (inside the sidebar) and stay alert for news regarding this coming soon. More details about this plan will follow in a few days.

How can I test Wooxy / participate in Alpha Stage?

If you are interested in testing Wooxy in its current Alpha version,
please use this link to submit your request.
All Alpha testers will earn their name inside Wooxy credits when it’s released.



  1. To be honest,I don’t think Wooxy for Mac is coming anymore, the devs are ignoring all the comments and questions about the mac version, its very obvious from how they just answered about the questions for Windows and just ignored the questions about the Mac in the comments section, despite the overflowing and non stop questions for the Mac version of Wooxy. I am a new user to custom skins and from just a short period of a week I can tell the devs are ignoring all the requests for the Mac version, it’s a shame really since they mentioned about an ios version in their post.

    The devs are just answering about the skins and Windows versions of Wooxy but not a single word concerning about the Mac version of Wooxy even though people had asked it and repeated it countless times, now people are just giving up from the lack of questions this year. I am also very disappointed in the progress if the Mac version of Wooxy is actually being coded as this post was made in 2014 and they said a Mac version would be coming out.

    For all of those who are forced to use Mac/can’t afford to buy a decent PC, the LOL HUD can still be customized and you can still get a custom skin for your HUD even if you are using Mac, just search it online and you can find dozens of HUD skins, here’s the tutorial in installing it:

    Above all, I sincerely hope that the Mac version of Wooxy would come out soon even though I know hope is fading quickly and it’s very hard to hold on to that speck of whatever is holding me here in this website.


    • The initial development focus was to be released for windows and mac, however, few months later after the initial development, the team got divided and Chewy decided to work alone on his program, therefore unfortunately, the mac installment became more distant. Initially i made some designs with adobe air, which works for mac as well, then due to some internal problems, i left the team and Chewy continued the project on his windows setup (not using air, but using windows programming).

      In other words, i would give up on any hopes for mac unless someone else creates a new skin installer for mac from scratch. I doubt wooxy will be remade by Mac either by the developer or by anyone else, as because of the closed source of the code too.


  2. Day ∞. Still no mac. The man screams “WHERE THE FUCK IS THE MAC!?!” He curls up and begins to cry.


  3. Seriosuly when is the mac version coming out ;;_;; i have been waiting so long now :/


  4. Not to be rude or anything, but are you even working on a mac version, if not it would be nice if you could change the description so that people stop asking when it’ll com out, also I love the beach rift, I use it on my laptop :).


  5. Seriously. Can you make a MAC version now? I am in desperate for custom skins and custom maps.


  6. When I read the website description it said of course, not just for window’s but for mac as well, I wonder when Mac version is going to release.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I would really love it if someone could reply and tell me when the mac beta version comes out because I would love so try it out! Ill do anything you want me to do just tell me if i can or cant help, if its going to come out soon, or if you even started. Any information at all would be great thanks!


    • There are no limits from how many skins you can have installed. What’s happening is that you are trying to install 2 custom skins with one same shared file (for example, a particle).
      If you remove the shared files between the two skins, they can be installed and work together.


    • Hello dear,
      It seems to be a limitation of the champion character. Can be that just is for a limited number of custom skins in a character

      Kind regards


  8. Hi guys, me again. Is it possible to resend an installer back to me again? I promised to not send this installer to anyone, and I just did a full system restore after blowing up my computer pretty hardcore 😐 Lost all my downloads T_T had to take hours to redownload league 😛


  9. I actually want to know how to delete a skin. I tried out a skin, didn’t like it, uninstalled it, but there no delet button :/ Is there a delet button? 😀


  10. Hi Yurixy and Chewy. Your Noir Rift map skin practically made LoL what it was to me and with the new rift update it doesn’t seem so intense and atmospheric anymore! Please could you create an updated version of Noir Rift (same colours) at some point alongside other projects you have?


  11. Hey Yurixy, I remember I discovered your site because i was searching for low definition maps to increase my fps, then you released the new map so we could install it and now you are making your own installer. Im so proud of you, congratulations ^^


  12. (wish this comments section still allowed gmail login o.o)

    Wow, nice! Been waiting on a….well another installer that was in development for forever. That one seems likely to never happen though, so I’m really glad to see you guys have one of your own now. Looking forward to using it with the new rift!


  13. This looks very nice! Are you planning to continue supporting SIU too or are you completely moving to Wooxy? Also, will it be possible to add custom sounds to a skin, for example replace voice lines. Good luck, looking forward to seeing this project grow!


    • Hello. We have nothing to do with SIU. SIU is made by LGG, we don’t have control over it. Now we decided to make our own tool.
      We will try our best to make Wooxy the perfect installer/manager of custom skins.

      I don’t really know about sounds in custom mods, sorry.


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