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Major news coming soon


Hello everyone! We worked hard this year, and are still working in some big projects as I said before in some posts. I just wanted to say that we are reaching soon a new season for YurixyWorks.

Unfortunately at this time, I still cannot reveal what we have in our box, but I can assure you we will change a lot of things around here (as we already did with our site’s theme), so be prepared! 😉

About the “New SR App”, as many of you already know, Chewy (Chewbacca) is no longer offering support to the app, nor he will update it anymore. The reason of this is because the new Summoner Rift is already released in live servers, and will be open by Riot in several stages, like teambuilder => normal games => ranked games.

About our lots of map skins (and other custom skins as well), we know that our current download method is not the best, and we are working in new ways to make the process all more easy 🌟 for everyone.

There are more projects and news coming soon regarding custom skins and modding community, I’m sure a lot of people will love it. We have no ETA because we want to deliver the best work possible, but we are trying to finish really soon. So stay tuned 💟, and don’t worry, we are still here working a lot behind the curtains. 💦



  1. Nice! Already looking forward for a winter/snow custom mod map of new SR.. :)) Pls would be so awesome! *___*


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