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New SR app – Fix for 4.18 released

Hello everyone.

Today, Chewy (Chewbacca’s new nickname) released the version 1.1.5 that brings a potential fix for game version 4.18.
Here are the changes:

v1.1.5 (12 October 2014):

  • Fix for 4.18 (thanks a lot Miguel Ângelo Machado Santos and Joe Saliba for having discovered and solved the bug splat!)
  • New ground textures
  • New destruction animations for turrets and nexus


As always, we strongly recommend you repair your client before attempting to install the map. We also recommend you don’t use it in ranked games.
If you still have problems using the app, let the author know, so he can fix it.

You can download and comment in this link.

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  1. chewy can u please allow the teambuilder map to be used in ranked as well? i refuse to play that ugly map in ranked and riot is just doing a beta testing on team builder… can you please give us freedom chewyy? PLEASEEE!


    • Hey, I understand what you feel but unfortunately, allowing that requires to modify the “air_client”, which is not legal. Also, another way would be to fix the New SR App we made but I’m quite busy these days… So I’m sorry 😦


      • well thank you for quick response. I understand, thanks for your work and i ll be seeing you in the rift, with the ugly trees 😀


  2. Hey! love your work, if RITO don’t make a winter map for christmas 2014 you reckon you’d make a one for the new summoners rift? with just some simple snow features?


    • You can use at your own risk. It can make your game crash (although rare, but it’s a risk). And crashing in the middle of a ranked game is bad… I personally recommend to avoid using it in ranked games.


  3. Yurixy Works can you help me? when i install the new map , he say ” has been installed ” but when i go a new game , the new map dont goes , only the monsters change :/ thx anyway !


    • Did you repair the game before trying to install the new map? Most of the problems coming from trying to install the map without repairing the game first. (you can repair inside the game launcher, it can take a long time depending on pc/net)


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