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New website design


Hello everyone. After working a lot on this new theme, I can now present you our new wooden theme design.

This theme marks a new step in our future projects. We are making some big, really big projects, and we are very happy and excited about introducing the main theme of these projects. I will reveal more details about the story of this theme soon. Meanwhile let’s see what are the changes for our Yurixy Works website:


  • Naturixy: a wooden design with stones / crystal shards engraved on it, bevel decorations and more stuff
  • A new logo that fits better with our new theme/design
  • A paper background for the texts – got bored of reading in pure white background? We too!
  • A new navigation menu – with wood and glass
  • A totally redesigned sidebar, now features animations (tested in Firefox and Chrome), just hover the mouse over the elements and they will magically appear for you
  • A new font for the headers / titles
  • New colors for when you pass the mouse over links / linkable texts


DetailA crystal shard engraved in the wood

MenuThe navigation top menu

This design is set to fully appear in a 1920p wide resolution, however you can still see some of the details if you are using a 1280p monitor, like some objects and the transition from wood to paper. The theme can also be seen from 1000p and below, but only the paper area (where it has the real posts content).


Along with our new theme, we also made new avatars to better fit our theme, they are presented like this:

Yurixy's Avatar Chewy's Avatar

The avatars are made with the wood theme in mind and have some cool details that marks each author, for example, the small triangle on the picture base indicates the favorite color of that author and the japanese kanji placed at the top-right corner indicates a key personality of the author. This avatar template will also be used for authors we may have (spoilers?) in the future.


Theme Naturixy – All images (except the circle with favorite character from the avatars) and CSS are © Yurixy – 2014 – All rights reserved.


Special thanks to Chewy which helps me since a year ago.
Special thanks to Avalon, who helps a lot of players with Chewy’s new app (sr vu mod).


Please, let us know if you like our new theme design, or if you have suggestions/feedback. We really appreciate your input. Thanks very much all our fans around the world!



  1. I wish you had a contact us section. I have been following you for a long time and would love to help you out with the website. I work full time as a wordpress developer. Free blogs are nice but imagine what you could do with some horsepower!


    • Yeah, actually our site was a self hosted Joomla for the first years, then we had to move to ‘’ due to problems with high traffic.
      We will make a “contact us” section soon, together with some interesting things that we plan to release. This new design is only the tip of the iceberg for the content that is coming.


      • Well by all means let me know if you need any help! I am more than willing to donate my time.


  2. Can you go even a week without changing the layout of your site man?

    Seriously I’ve been using your skins for at least a year; and you’ve probably changed the layout/theme of your site 30 times (not even exaggerating).


    • Your point is a valid one. Let me explain why you saw a lot of changes through this year.
      In most of the changes, we were trying to see what “wordpress theme” would better fit for our content, unfortunately, we don’t have ways of installing a custom theme or have precise control over the elements as per it’s made with “”. Also, I was never good with CSS to play with (yes, we can only edit the CSS).

      The case is, now we are making some big projects using this design (spoilers?), and we wanted to bring this woody theme to the website as well. I can assure you that from this point, the site won’t be changed again (at least not anytime soon or this year) unless it’s just minor details or modifications (for example, if the animations starts crashing in some browsers they will be removed maybe). We are already satisfied with this theme from “” (modified by me) and we will maintain this new polished edition for a long time.


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