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New SR app – Potential fix for bug splat released

Hello everyone.

Today Chewbacca released the version 1.1.4 that brings a potential fix for everyone having bug splats while using the map.
Here are the changes:

v1.1.4 (1 October 2014):

  • Potential fix for bug splat
  • Fixed the river texture
  • Fixed the destroyed animation for turrets

As always, we recommend you repair your client before attempting to install the map. We also recommend you don’t use it in ranked games.

If you still have problems using the app, let the author know, so he can fix it.

You can download and comment in this link.



  1. Thank you so much for forcing me to update League before being able to uninstall the map. Now I have to do a whole entire game repair because this map uninstalled incorrectly through your installer and is causing bugsplats even with it uninstalled.


    • so salty, if you looked at the posts, you could saw that it’s important to do a backup of your releasymanifest file….


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