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New SR (Live) now working for 4.17

Hello everyone. I’m happy to announce that Chewbacca updated the new SR app (on Live servers) for patch 4.17.
You can get the app here. Don’t forget to uninstall the old map skin before installing the new one. It’s recommended you repair your game client (through the launcher) before installing the custom map skin.
As always, we don’t recommend using it in ranked games.
If you have any problems using the app, let a comment here or in the original post, so the author can read.
Have fun!



  1. Are you able to make an option so we can disable the dragon and baron from the new sr? in games I can’t see dragon and baron attacking me due to their new attacking animations (which aren’t auto attacks). Would use all the time if this was fixed.
    nonetheless, this is great to use.


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