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Update for Magic Rift

6 months ago, I published a post that explained I worked on an update for Magic Rift, a Summoner’s Rift map. The release has been delayed and delayed because of other works and, finally cancelled.

With the recent announcements for the New Summoner’s Rift, I finally decided to release this rework for Magic Rift, so people we’ll be able to play on it until the new Summoner’s Rift is officially available.

Here are some screenshots:

For people who played on the first version of Magic Rift, here are the changes for this version:

  • New textures for the base ground (including stairs and spawn textures)
  • New ground texture for the entire map (more blue and with a better quality)
  • The roots texture has been recolored to a “more purple” color in order to differentiate it with others textures
  • Flowers are now red/pink
  • The river is more dark and blue in order to follow the theme of the map
  • The creep camp base texture shows purples roots (like the global root texture of the map)
  • The bushes textures are more adapted to the map

This map is my very last map for the actual Summoner’s Rift (that will be replaced by the new one for season 5).

You can get it here.

Enjoy with this map skin!




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