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Save yourself in case of trouble with the new Summoner’s Rift

Now this is a big title 😀

This is a supporting post for the article: “Play in New Summoner’s Rift on LIVE Server!
Here are some hints to save yourself if something happens (for example: crash or bugsplat).

Never use the program for ranked games (or do at your own risk). We never know what can happen, although we test a lot, it’s impossible to predict crashes with tons of servers and users playing. We recommend you use only in custom or normal games.

  1. The program made by Chewbacca comes with a uninstall button that appears after you installed the map with it. In case of trouble, try the uninstall button and then reconnect to your match.
  2. If the Step 1 fails, follow this instruction:
    1. Go to the folder: “C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/projects/lol_game_client/releases/″.
    2. Check if you have both files: “releasemanifest” and “releasemanifest_backup”.
    3. Rename the file: “releasemanifest” to “releasemanifest_newSR”.
    4. Rename the file: “releasemanifest_backup” to “releasemanifest”.
    5. Done. Start LOL and reconnect to your match.

Some crashes that may appear randomly:

  1. Bugsplat on loading or in the middle of the game.
  2. “Failed to create Dump error” on loading a game.

We are still investigating why these problems happens, and if there are some files or mechanics that may resolve the case.

Side note: The program only brings the feeling of playing in the new map, not the real thing. Performance may raise or reduce depending on the users machine, this is still being developed by Riot and they are continuously working to deliver the best final map in the end (with the best performance for all players).



  1. I’m going to assume that I’m not the only one faced with this problem since 4.15? Does anyone have any word onto when Yurixy plans on fixing it, or is there any news?


    • The current app is not working with 4.15, if you are unable to launch a game without the map, then you will have to repair the client through the launcher repair.


    • Like Yurixy said the program isn’t working with the 4.15 patch right now, so you don’t need to try and install the map until the update is coming. If everything is coming along just fine, then the next version is finished by tomorrow.

      Also about the releasemanifest file, there seems to have been a bug with the program, which can cause the file to be gone. You have to either repair your client to get it back or you can use the releasemanifest from my LoL folder, which i uploaded here:


  2. Please someone explain me what folder I have to find when the error says ”We have not detected your LoL folder, please select a path”


  3. I loved the idea so much, I always switch the maps now and then, I have an idea.

    can you please make the Doom Bots of Doom Map as a map skin? it would be awesome :D.

    thanks for your hard work.


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  5. Chinese players cant use this software to play the new map,please make a Chinese version,if you can,millions people will say ‘Thank you very much’


  6. The “Failed to create dump file error” just happens to me, when OUR inhib or nexus got destroyed. I tried to ignore this message but after some seconds it freezed my game.
    I don’t know if it just happen to me. I’m playing on EUW.


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