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Patch 4.9 and Custom Skins

Note: SIU means Skin Installer Ultimate, which we use to install skins on LOL (League of Legends)

Hello everyone. New patch = new worries (or not) 😉
Actually, I tested some map skins here today in version 4.9 and they are working fine. What I could observe is that the best way to deal with new patches is to uninstall all custom skins before patching the game, and installing a map skin after the patch is done.

Preferably, close the LOL launcher/ and open SIU, so it can read the new path. After it reads, you can then install a new skin, close SIU and launch LOL again. Although I only recommend this for when we have patches, but it’s a good practice to use SIU only with LOL closed (launcher/

Troubleshooting after a new patch:
If you have problems after a patch with custom skins, blue textures or any error, try to follow the steps below:

1. Uninstall all custom skins and test your game. If everything is correct, you can try to install a skin/map skin again.
2. If Step 1 didn’t work, try to (with all custom skins uninstalled) use the repair buttons from SIU.
3. If Step 2 also didn’t resolve your problems, try to repair your client using the game launcher (also with all custom skins uninstalled).

TL:DR => Uninstall all custom skins before updating the game. Remember to use SIU with LOL+Launcher closed.



    • trying to install Lighting Riven skin atm, jst comes out completely blue, ive tried all methods described above, and skins like vayne (silver ring) works fine


    • I don’t know how the code works in SIU. I recommend you email LGG – lordgreggreg[at] to see if he can help you.


  1. I have 5 custom skins installed and i never had to repair LOL, everytime there is a patch i click on “Fix Skin(Re-path)” because usually clicking on the “fix blue textures after patch” crashes SIU, then it will say they are not installed, then i click install. i do a custom match to check, everything works fine 🙂

    Keep up the good work Yurixy/Chewbacca/lgg!!
    LOL is so much better(for me) with custom skins 🙂


  2. i have prob with my skin…i install it after patch…..but when i load a game with this skin on 99% calls something like bug splat or something…i need help pls :(:(((((


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