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Upcoming News #2

Hello. We are seeing some comments lately about the links not working for some users.
While most users can successfully interact with the links (the links call / interacts with SIU), some users still have trouble with it even using multiple browsers.

So, if you are having problems with the links, I recommend you fully read the Tutorial and Troubleshooting pages and make sure you are following all steps and requirements.
If even following the steps, the links don’t work for you, we are investigating the possibility of adding new download alternatives soon. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you!

I will update with more news as we continue developing alternatives.



  1. Hey! Is there a tutorial for map edition? I have some cool ideas and I would like to try to make them for myself but I have no clue of how to get map textures.


  2. Nice to see some news. I’d like to ask. Did you manage to fix bug splat with *weather* addons? (like snowfall addon from winterfall)


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