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Upcoming News

Hello everyone. These last weeks have been very busy.
We have some work in progress here. The plans are:

1. Beach Rift (5×5) rework

I’m reducing the sand brightness, changing the wood textures and adjusting the blending of other textures. Also, I will try to make the water with a more intense blue color.
Moreover, we will return with the options HD and LD too.

2. Glacitas (3×3) rework

Better colors in several areas, some new surprises to come in this one as well.

3. Tools

We are working in new tools that may make our works with new features and your experience in League even better.


Of course, all these things are subject to change. Some things are challenging to do, but we love challenges 🙂
Let’s see if we can bring new content soon for all. Thanks for the patience!



  1. When i want to download map skins, it redirect me on the main page of your site 😦
    It seems to be a problem with the redirection, because i see dropbox links on the recent visited sites, and when i click on, it send me ath the main page again…


    • The link calls SIU. If your browser is not asking you to interact with SIU, then SIU was not opened with admin rights or something else in your browser is blocking the use of SIU or Javascript. For more info check the Troubleshooting page.


  2. can you even install a map skin right now? cuz i cant it just gives me error since latest patch


  3. Lately i have been unable to install anything, everytime i try to it says the “BushOverlay” is missing and when i go into a game it busplats, help?

    I have tried everything, from reinstalling the while skin to reinstalling the installer itself, but everytime i try to install and play a map (Original Winter in particular) it bugsplats.



    • I heard the snowfall particle effect is making some players crash on loading. I recommend you try to use another map skin while we investigate further.
      Edit: About the “BushOverlay”, this is 1st time I hear of it… does this happen to you in every map skin?


  4. Love your guys work!

    But unfortunately every map I try to download, goes to the download page for a short second and then brings me back to the same page I was just at. I have tried everything in the Troubleshooting section and followed the Tutorial page step by step. It seems to be something with the download link? I’m sure you already know of this, but I figured I would share my experience.

    I hope the links are fixed soon – I miss my Beautiful maps 😀


    • Actually, I tested some links today and they are working fine here… maybe your browser or anti-malware is blocking the use of Javascript? It can be a browser add-on that is blocking it too…
      Or maybe your SIU is not being run with admin rights. If nothing works, try to reinstall SIU or try a different browser. Links are only “broken” if SIU is stuck loading 3 files only instead of 70+.


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