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New website design

Hello everyone! I decided to change the website design … again 🙂 haha
I believe the old layout had a bad navigation which made hard to find the content of our work, this one is cleaner and more directed to the content at the front page. You can still see our News in Blog style by accessing the first item in the top menu named “Blog“.

I will still make some improvements for the front page (for example adding the featured maps), maybe a minimalistic background too. Let’s see how things goes.
Let me know what you think about the new front page, feel free to give any suggestions and critics about it.



  1. Well, I liked the fancier look myself with the colorful backgrounds, but I do otherwise like the way the front page looks. Very smooth and easy to navigate. Really the only thing I liked better than this new layout was the background (it’s a personal preference thing), but I have been told on various occasions that plain/unobtrusive backgrounds are more professional, so this is probably best if that’s what you’re going for.


  2. I personally liked the darker look, with the darker background and lighter font. Burned my eyes less.


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