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Back to the Past maps: solve problems!

Hello everyone. Chewbacca here.

I’m seeing few people having problems with “Back to the Past” maps (Original Summer/Winter/Harrowing Rift): they can’t launch a game because of a bug splat.

I just tested these maps and they work perfectly on my computer. I know why you guys have these problems with those maps.

Follow these steps and tell me if it works after that or not:

  1. In SIU, uninstall every Summoner’s Rift skin. Then, launch a custom game to make sure there will be the original map without any bugs. (If not, repair your installation).
  2. After that, delete all “Back to the Past” skins in SIU.
  3. Then, download on YurixyWorks the map you want and install it in SIU.
  4. Test the map in a custom game.

There are bugs because Riot has modified some files for the 4.5 patch. These files are used only for “Back to the Past” maps. When SIU wants to install a map, it tries to mod files that don’t exist anymore: consequence, a crash!
So the only one solution is to completely reinstall the skins in SIU to make sure that the program will mod the appropriate files.

Please, don’t forget to tell me if you have bugs or not after following the steps above.

Thank you!




  1. Hi! I just want to ask why everytime i click a link for a map skin, google chrome says i have to approve an extension, and when i do, all it does is refresh me to the exact same page where i pressed the download link to the map skin. It keeps happening and i can’t fix it.


  2. Hello, I have an question, can u bring back old proving grounds? I have nice memories with this map. and i pretty liked it. So you can bring it back please?


    • Hello. I’ve already tested to integrate this map in the game but I had some visual bugs, especially light and relief bugs. You know, the Howling Abyss is not exactly the same map than the Proving Grounds: there is a different relief and light. So it’s pretty hard to make the same that the Harrowing/Winter maps for the ARAM map.
      But if I find or do something that can be similar to the Proving Grounds and correct, I’ll make sure to publish it!


      • KK, ty for information. If u will done this map with original music, than i would be glad if u would contact me. This nice that u actually try to do something with this map. Hope that u will done it soon :). Cheers


  3. Hey :3 loving it thanks for your work
    one thing that everytime I close and reopen lol it patches and removes the moded files
    is there anyway to avoid client patching the map files ?


  4. I wanted to install Original summoners rift and i did everything from the tutorial but when i’m ingame i have the standard map 😦


  5. Every time, when Riot patches lol i have to reinstall Back to the Past maps, because I have bugsplats


    • I believe this is caused by LoL patcher seeing the “room” file as corrupted, when in fact it’s not. I recommend you uninstall and install again all custom skins whenever Riot launches a new version.


  6. Hello,when I delete all maps in SIU and when I want to download to install a new one its LD Original rift it only adds 2 files


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