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New Screenshots

In preparation for the new site’s theme we are working on, I prepared some new beautiful HD post-worked screenshots.
Take a look and tell me your favorite picture or map:

In respective order, you can find and play in the maps from the pictures:

  1. Original Winter Rift 2011
  2. Beach Rift
  3. Desert Temple
  4. Original Harrowing Rift
  5. Area 91
  6. Winter Rift


  1. Hey so I tried to download the beach rift SD day skin and it worked, but there were some problems. I had previously tried the harrowing skin, didn’t really liked it and uninstalled. When I downloaded the beach skin and installed that, there was sand and wood and everything, but the map was dark and still had the purple/orange lights. Help please??


    • Are you sure you uninstalled the Harrowing skin before installing the Beach Rift? This sounds something that could be happened by installing a skin where it already have an installed one. Try to uninstall all custom skins and try to install again Beach Rift, if that doesn’t work: uninstall all custom skins, repair client, then install Beach again.


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