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Links are up again

Hello everyone. We re-hosted all map skins and got new links for them. We are not using Dropbox anymore. We hope they are working now (and hopefully have a higher traffic limit). I tested some links and they worked here.
Please let me know if you find any non-working links and I will fix them.

Thanks for the patience with us!



  1. Hi, I have been trying to download almost all your summoners rift skins and none have worked. The first thing is that an ad is blocking the files so that I can only choose one, and secondly every time I click on a file the website just refreshes and nothing happens.

    Please reply. 🙂


    • Hello. The ad is put automatically by, but it doesn’t overlap any links. It’s displayed below the post. Some maps have only one option to download. If the page refreshes and doesn’t call a popup to open with SIU then check if the info on the troubleshooting page helps you. Also, we are investigating new ways to give our content inside the terms of service.


    • Dropbox is not used anymore as the host of the skins, however, dropbox is still responsible for the script behind it.
      For more info on how to download using these links, please check the Troubleshooting page, and make sure you are running SIU as admin and a clean browser.
      We are investigating the possibility of adding a new type of download option soon.


    • All links still appear as a Dropbox link, but in reality, they are not.
      Try to test it and see if SIU is loading it.


  2. Hey guys when the Original Winter Summoner’s Rift of 2011 will be ready to download?
    i cannt wait for it!!!


  3. I can download any map skins
    It still linked to dropbox
    Or did I click wrong link?


          • I use google chrome for computer and android but not working
            Adress say always dl.dropbox.~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and nothing happen just turn back to post

            Many user fight with this problem

            I think post is not updated

            Can download or not is second problem
            First problem is “links still linked to dropbox”

            for example snow lift day HD
            1. Click link
            2. linked to

            4. nothing happend
            5. turn back to snow lift page


        • I just tested both links Noir HD and SD and SIU loaded them correct for me.
          Make sure you follow the tutorial so the SIU protocol works correctly.
          You must use a clean browser (Firefox or Chrome) without plugins/extensions activated. Also try to run both SIU and the browser as admin.


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