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Links down

Hello everyone. As Chewbacca already posted about his links, my links (Yurixy links) also got suspended.
I’m truly sorry about the links down.

We are trying to re-host the links in another host, hopefully we will have better results/quota.
Currently, links are refreshed each 24 hours, so if you see the limit error, I suggest you try again after 24 hours.
Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 04 March: We are currently re-hosting all the links in a new host (not dropbox).
UPDATE 05 March: The files are uploaded. I’m currently generating the links to use (so much links ><‘). Meanwhile, Chewbacca’s maps seems to be back online. I will try to make my maps up as well for today later. Thanks for the patience.
UPDATE 05 March (2): Links are up.



  1. Ummm every time i click a link it goes to dl.dropboxusercontent… and so on. this is a blank page with nothing available??? please help


  2. thanks for all the time and effort you guys put in on this site made league so much more enjoyable =p


  3. For some reason when I try to install these skins it only downloads 3 files. Siuinfo.txt, siupreview.jpg, and another siuinfo.txt. Then when I hit install it says 0 installed of 0 files and then in game it’s still just the normal summoners rift. I am opening SIU and then clicking the download link.. What am I doing wrong?


  4. Is it only me? But the beach skins do not work. No files added when installing/downloading in SIU.


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