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Actual works : a Magic Rift update and more …

Magic.Winter Rift

Hello everyone, it’s Chewbacca.

I want to give some news about my actual works for the site. I will publish in the following days some things:

  • A re-work for the Magic Rift
  • Original Winter Summoner’s Rift
  • LoL Music Modifier (v2)

Rework for the Magic Rift

The first version of the Magic Rift was nice, a lot of elements was respected and adapted for the magic theme, but there was some incoherent and sloppy things:

First, the base was honestly not really good because the floor was not in a good quality and the stonebase textures (the floor around inhibitors, nexus and turrets) was not apropriate for this map. Moreover, we could see so much difference between the base and the lanes, and that was not really nice. So, about these things, I have decided to integrate another floor (from the Old Twisted Treeline textures, you will maybe recognize it) and delete stonebase textures. And finally, I have reworked the steps and spawn textures.

The other floor on the map was too uncolored and gray. I decided to change it to a better floor which have more colors and a better quality. The blue roots on the ground are now more purple to give a contrast between the stones and roots (stones are blue and roots are purple).

Other details are modified for the rework: details like flowers (they are now red/pink in the entire map), river (more green now), the creep camp base texture (roots integrated), brush are more adapted to the map …

Finally, I have added some particles in the map : lighting bugs and centipede (if you remember, it’s again elements of the Old Twisted Treeline).


Original Winter Summoner’s Rift

You can see that I have already published 2 maps of “Back To The Past” : Original Harrowing and Summer Summoner’s Rift. For the Winter map, it’s more complicated because there are 2 versions : the 2010 and 2011 version. The 2010 version is ready but the 2011 version is bugged ย (particles and textures bugs) and I have to fix it.

League Of Legends Music Modifier (v2)

I’m actually improving this software that is actually incomplete. I don’t promise anything about future features, but normally, it will be really really better!

Enjoy with our skins!




    • There is an actual host bug which cause the unavailability of all of my maps skins. I’ll try to fix this problem today.


  1. Looking forward to both versions of the winter summoner’s rift! Please release them soon both updated to the current summoner’s rift layout!


  2. Hey, yo, are you guys able to release the skins in a simple zip file? i’m still able to patch with Custom Skin Installer on my OSX but I’m unable to download them – specifically this one, and Noir rift, if possible.


    • We won’t revert to the old download model anytime soon. I’m sorry about that.
      On the other hand, how you use custom skins in OSX? Is it works with the new League 4.3? It would be nice if you shared more info about it, so I could put in the FAQ section for who has Mac (of course, if it’s not a private project).
      If the project is for Mac and open source, we could even try to implement a way there similar to what SIU does, in downloading and installing the skins.


      • I simply use the old “LoL Custom Mods” App from a long time ago, interestingly, it hasn’t broken with any of the updates so far. (With the exception of the big one, that broke everything a while back.) The app is largely outdated, and I can’t even remember where I got it from, sorry. Unfortunately, the map broke with the Vel’Koz patch, and I had to reinstall, except I can’t redownload the map pack anymore, which is a pretty big bummer, so I couldn’t tell you if it worked or not.


  3. >League Of Legends Music Modifier (v2)
    YES! This is just what I’ve been waiting for!

    I’ve been looking for a way to replace the Snow Rift music with the original Winter Rift music.


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