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Tutorial Page

Hello. We finished the Tutorial page. You can found a link to it in the top-right corner of the website inside the “League of Legends” menu.
We will try to make the tutorial available in other languages as well. If you wish to translate in your own language, we will publish it with credits for you.
Please let me know if the Tutorial has wrong information or grammar errors. Thanks very much!


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  1. Hey guys I’m having a lot of issues with SIU and installing skins and everything. I keep getting 0/58 files added or how ever many files the file had. I can’t seem to get any of this to work, which is very odd and confusing and frustrating me. I used to use SIU then i uninstalled everything and this way about 6 months ago. I’m now interested in custom skins but I just can’t get it to work properly anymore. can someone help me with this?


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