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Hello everyone!

We are still working hard these days to improve the website for all. I’m writing this to share with you our progress on this matter:

  1. New background – done
  2. New logo style – done
  3. New article layout for map skins (to fit new theme) – done
  4. New icons for map skins articles – done
  5. Cloning of map skins articles with new layout – almost done
  6. Howling Abyss Skin – almost done

What remains to do:

  1. Integrate new method/database to improve download experience
  2. Change to premium theme (theme is ready, will be done instantly)
  3. Tests to see if everything is ok

Other things you can expect after this:

  1. New video tutorial teaching how to download and install skins using the new website (2014)
    • Based on comments/mails/feedback, I will try to make a slower video than last one (longer duration)
  2. More map skins!

If you wish to take a sneak peek at the new site background I made, you can check it here. I just ask that you don’t share this image link because it’s subject to change before release.

Thanks for the patience. I believe it will be worth it… This update will give us more freedom to do new map skins.



    • Haha ! Tu le veux ton skin de la forêt torturée 😀 ! Je sais que Yurixy a des projets pour la 3v3.


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