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Where are the news?

Sorry for the delay to bring news. We are working hard to bring some new features to the website.
Some features you can expect in the following days/weeks:

1. New clean and beautiful theme for the site. (after the site changes theme, articles will need one more week to being adjusted to the new layout)
2. New method of downloading skins. (you will need to have SIU installed first before trying to download a skin)
3. New tutorials to install skins in the new site. (both new written tutorial and new video tutorial)
4. New skin for Howling Abyss. (if everything goes well, I plan to finish that skin I promised before)

This is it. Thanks for the patience and sorry for the delay. We expect to bring top quality content for you.



  1. What about ”Back to the past”? and if the harrowing rift still isn’t working, can you upload the original riot winter rift, and when the harrowing one is back, add them both to one article?


    • I will make available “Back to the past” maps in a few days, don’t worry ! I haven’t time this week !


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