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The sound bug

Hi everyone, it’s Chewbacca.

Thanks to Yo Tran. He has discovered a bug in all of my maps (except the Vintage Rift).

The problem is the absence of ambient sound and background music (in-game). Another thing : this bug could be the cause of camera bugs and also, it could make the game unplayable.

Now, the problem is solved, and the Magic/Harrowing/Autumn/Winter Rift are fixed.
You can now download it again (even if it’s the same version number for all maps).

Thanks again to Yo Tran



    Didn’t know you mentioned my name here haha
    and about that problem and all other problems,
    just delete SIU and redownload it from the website everytime LoL release new update.
    it will fix everything.
    yea of course you have to reinstall all the skins all over again but it’s worth.
    by the way i have a question Yurixy
    why did you put away the “snowfall” in the Snow map skin ?? D: i want the snow to fall


    • The snowfall effect was discovered recently with the latest version of Chewbacca’s Winter Rift, in that time, was Christmas already and I wanted to avoid adding particle effects in order to save FPS and stability, since it was a new thing. Although, Chewbacca discovered an important method of attach the snowfall only to camera instead of entire map, which was very good for FPS, I don’t know why Riot didn’t use the same tactic back then…


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