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Archive Category

Hello everyone. We created today the Archive Category.
This category (also found in the right side menu ->) was created to separate old content that we no longer support. You can still download any file from the Archive content, but there is no guarantee it will work (in case of skins, most of champions skins are currently working for latest game/Siu version, but we will stop checking them since they belong to the Archive now). In other words, use at your own risk.

Why was the Archive made?
The idea behind this was to nullify the support with old champion skins and old topics in order to focus more on new maps and new creations. Since most players loves map skins, I will focus more attention on them. That said, I will still create Champion skins if a certain number of people wishes. (Please note that I’m saying this only for my skins – Yurixy skins, other Team members can still create and post whatever they wish).

All HON mods and previous LOL Champions mods (made by Yurixy) now belongs to the Archive.

Each Team member has own authority to decides when they want to put their content in the Archive.

TL;DR – All posts inside the Archive category are no longer supported by their authors. You may still download and use them at your risk.

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