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Christmas Tree Nexus

lggtreeChristmas Tree Nexus made by LGG.

Christmas Tree Nexus v2

Made by LGG
This mod is NOT compatible with Frozen Structures

Picture of the Christmas Tree Nexus in the Snow Rift Night


  • Awesome Christmas Tree made by LGG
  • Best used with Snow Rift or Winter Rift
  • Spinning Rotating Star
  • Presents
  • Ornaments
  • Low Polygons
  • High Performance


SIU (skin installer ultimate) is made by LordGregGreg (LGG).




  1. at the start of a match the top of the tree is invisible for me and the star does not move
    i think when the minions spawn it goes back to how its supposed to be because its fine later in the game


  2. I deleted this mod, and it still in the game, and with nexus color, what can I do to remove it??


      • on your LoL client when you start it up there’s a gear icon with an option “repair”
        that will restore all the original files for the client


      • also next time make sure you uninstall the mod from SIU before you delete it using “uninstall” button


  3. I know this says it’s incompatible with Frozen Structures, but I’ve seemingly got the two working together. No random CTDs just yet. Maybe something doesn’t look the way it’s supposed to, but I haven’t noticed. Well there is one effect that I suppose would be completely unintended, but it’s incredibly minor and I actually like it myself.

    Very nice tree though. My Rift is in full blown Christmas mode at this point.


    • They may work, but it’s not recommended to use both at the same time because both mods try to change the nexus. If the last one installed is the tree, maybe it works though…


      • That is what I did. Installed the structures and then the tree. Gives me icy turrets, inhibs, fountain turrets, etc. and the tree. Best of both worlds so far. Not sure how SIU will react to it later though. I’ve actually never tried partially overwriting mods with League >_>.


  4. I just noticed it says this mod not compatible with frozen structures. Is that both v1 and v2? or just v2?


      • I’ve got to fit the textures for all items onto a single texture. If i don’t make them solid colors than id have to either have them low definition, or make the memory use higher. It’s definitely possible, but it was a trade off I chose.


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