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Avatar for LGG

LGG (LordGregGreg) was always very kind and responsive to us all.
He updated SIU countless times to give us the fun of playing League with new and fun environments (for example, the Volcano, the Beach, the Snow, the Japanese garden etc).

We often see comments complaining about SIU not working, some comments even being offensive. Rarely we stop to give our thanks to the person that makes our days more fun (and for free!).
Today I made an avatar for him as a Christmas present, to celebrate the amazing work of our friendly Jack of all Trades.





  1. Thank you for all of your amazing works LGG, yurixi and Chew. You are so sweet to make LGG an avatar like that! 🙂 i can not play LoL without the work you 3 have done. Thank you! ❤


  2. I love this so much! Really amazing work! Thank you so much!! All your feedback and testing and dedication has really helped SIU be better and your skins amazing!


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