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Yurixy Works Logo


New Logo for the website!

I think this logo reflects well the things I like and how I build my works and my life.
Nature, growth, symmetry, logic and aesthetics with the simplicity of life.


Feedback and critiques are welcome!

This work @ DeviantArt =



  1. Brilliant as allways 🙂 I just have a question for you: I got most of my custom skins for champions from the website Same problem as allways, they turned blue. Is there a way to install / fix the older skins so they work for patch 3.11 / 3.12?


    • I’m currently finishing a video teaching how to install custom skins in order for they to work properly in 3.12+. I have plans to do other video after this one, teaching how to fix the skins (for custom skins makers).

      In summary, if you are a skin maker, or want to try to fix an old skin, you need to convert the DDS file to the correct DXT/MIP type to the original state (riot original file). There are some ways and tools to do this, but if you are in a hurry you can try converting the file using ‘Paint NET’ software.

      I heard skins with different 3D model doesn’t work in the new patches but I may be wrong.


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