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Pagoda Tower

Pagoda-Tower-600 Pagoda Tower – New towers for League of Legends.

Pagoda Tower v1

Model by Yurixy
Texture by Yurixy
Imported to League by IpawnprozNetwork (website/channel)


This changes all towers (except fountain/spawn) from Summoner Rift to a simple modeled Japanese Pagoda Tower.
I planned to release together with Sakura Rift, but I preferred to let you choose whether you want to use it alone or with any other map (that do not have custom towers already / aka: do not use this together with Magma Rift or AREA63 Rift for example). I recommend you try it with Sakura Rift, as the theme fits it better.
Thanks for all feedback, I will try to improve it on next versions.
If you have any problems using this, let a comment.


Compatible with SIU.
[YW]{Pagoda Tower} HD v1
[YW]{Pagoda Tower} SD v1


Many thanks to IpawnprozNetwork for changing the shooting animation point, rotation and importing to the game!



  1. How can I add this to a different map skin I use Beach Rift but I can’t figure out how to add the pagoda towers to it.


  2. Im sorry if this is bad but is thERE any way to download champion skins from this site (it doesnt matter if other players cant see it) ?


  3. hum, which one uses the default tower value? I want it but it might look crappy if i get the wrong pixel value. I’m thinking SD, but nothing is posted about towers, only the maps themselfs. Thanks!


      • Olá Mariya. Infelizmente eu não ofereço mais suporte para esta modificação. Use-a por sua conta e risco.
        Para saber que skin eu não ofereço mais suporte, os posts dentro da categoria “Archive” não tem mais suporte dos respectivos autores.


    • I will put this into the GeT database in the next app updates.
      In the meantime I re-opened the links for you. You can download now from MediaFire.


      • Yay, thank you very much 😀
        I was also wondering if you could re-open Floral Sona.
        It is a very beautiful skin, and I would be very pleased if you could.
        Thanks again ❤


  4. This tower makes my League crash, I haven’t tried it by itself yet but with the Noir Rift (which works great) I can’t load into the game. Also, it asked for original location when first installing it. Any thoughts?


    • Thanks for letting me know. I think this happens because Twisted Treeline uses the same models, but a different set of textures for their towers. I see no way to fix it, sorry about that. The only way to get over this would be uninstalling the Pagoda Tower mod if you don’t wish to see this strange texture on Twisted Treeline.


  5. Is it possible for you to do same style skins for inhibitors and nexus? If it was, that would be perfect, because the normal inhibitors and nexus doesn’t fit in most of custom maps.


  6. can you release things like the pictures on the fountain separate as well? i have been trying to convince friends to use your skins, but many are turned off by the anime pictures. i personally dont have issues with them because im not in the fountain, or looking at it that much, still….


    • You can use it with AREA 91, because it does not have textures for towers. However AREA 63 have textures for towers and will cause a bug if you try to use 2 skins for the tower at the same time. I’m planning to re-release AREA 63 with the towers textures separated, so the player can have more choices.


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