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Virus Park

This Scene almost killed my PC to render, it was painful to wait almost 23 hours to render, but I think it was worth the wait.
Check full size and decide for yourself :)

The people shown in the scene are presets from the software and was not modeled by me.

This scene comes from the idea of a virus environment. No matter where you live they are present. Some of them are good and defend our body against other bad virus.
I like to create viruses because they are the most versatile life-form in the universe. They can be any size, form, good, bad, cute, dangerous, they can be what you want to imagine. They also adapt very fast with everything.

Any feedback appreciated, also feel free to correct my English grammar since is not my main language. :P

Check a zoom detail of this park here, the glass statue:
:thumb300264944: – [link]

Work Time: 16 hours
Render Time: 22 hours 55 min
Polygons: 6kk+
Tools: C4D

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