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Beach Rift 2015


Hello! I worked hard the last two months to bring you this. Beach Rift is back for the new map. Read the rest of this entry

The Original Summoner’s Rift is available!

Mid Lane

Hello everyone, Chewy here :)

The waited old Summoner’s Rift is finally available! After two months of work, the map is now perfect and playable!

This mod features everything that was in the original map: minions, turrets, river, monsters*, etc…

More information here

This version of the Summoner’s Rift won’t be the only one old map that I will release: you will indeed be able to rediscover the Original Harrowing and Winter Rift as well as the very first version of the Summoner’s Rift (from Season 1 & 2).

Enjoy <3

* Monsters attack animations are bugged, it means that you’ll most of the time see them not attacking.

Night Rift v4

Night Rift v4 brings new bushes that fit with the map theme. Read the rest of this entry

Night Rift v3

Night Rift map was moved to:

Night Rift 2

Night Rift map was moved to:

Night Rift

Night Rift map was moved to:

Ice Rift v3 – now with gates!


This is a very small update to Ice Rift map texture overhaul that includes not so many changes, but some of them are based on feedback. For example I could agree that Ice Rift was pretty grey, while we had so colorful and interesting champions. Feel free to check article about previous version (with screenshots, video and development story).

Read the rest of this entry

Ice Rift v2 is now live

After receiving feedback I want to present you Ice Rift v2 – an update that brings better contrast and fixes some texture problems.

Read the rest of this entry

Ice Rift


Hey League of Legends community. This is Ice Rift – full texture overhaul of original updated Summoner’s Rift map into winter theme.

Read the rest of this entry

Raise your performance with the Low Definition Summoner Rift


Hello everyone. Today I bring you two versions of the Low Definition Summoner Rift. I see a lot of people having problems with FPS/Performance with the new map launched by Riot, therefore I made a way to make your performance and FPS better in game.

Please note that the results vary greatly depending on your computer and graphic cards, there are a lot of factors involved. Each person will gain a different number in FPS/Performance, you need to test to see how will be your experience. The difference can be big or insignificant depending on your specs.
Read the rest of this entry


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