A new Summoner’s Rift in development?

Hello, Chewbacca here

This morning I discovered on PBE a strange folder that contains 10 new textures. These textures seem to be unused by the game currently, and they are in the “levels” folder: the maps folder. So, I think they have a link with a map (a rework for Summoner’s Rift).

Let’s see these textures:

“grnd_terrain_m” “grnd_terrain_f” “grnd_terrain_v” “grnd_terrain_w” “grnd_terrain_x” “jngl_north_isle_a_owlstatue3″ “jngl_north_isle_a_riverock” “ol_struc_base_s_spawnpad” “struc_stairs_base_pali_a” “unq_struc_base_mage_inhibitor_a”

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  1. BGBelru PL

    I think riot maybe do this map, i think it is new Summoners Rift of new Proving Grounds

  2. I lastly played an ARAM game with one of my friends, his game-voice did not say ‘welcome to the howling abyss’, but some map-name we have never heard before. It was the first game after we updated to the latest version. Maybe we just had some bug that revealed us the name of a new, yet secret map!

    • Haha! I don’t think Riot will create a new map, they are too lazy for that… The only one thing we can expect is an update for Summoner’s Rift which would be available .. mhh next year maybe.. end of 2015. They need time to make it (they are exhausted because of the Howling Abyss).
      But I’ll investigate about this sound. Thanks!

    • Did the announcer say WELCOME TO MURDER BRIDGE? Because that is just a nickname for the Howling Abbys, wich is the name of the bridge that you fight on. Also purple teams shop keeper says something about calling the place murder bridge but then he says that howling abyss is a better name.

    • I bet the voice said something like “Welcome to the Murder Brige!”, if that’s was the case, it’s not a bug, it’s a Riot internal joke, that was the name of Howling Abyss while it was in development, and they put that voice in there (has like 10% chance of announce the map that way) like an easter egg

    • Every now and then she doesnt say “Welcome to the Howling Abyss.” She says “Welcome To The Murder Bridge!”

  3. I’m guessing it’s a VU of SR, which means you guys at yurixyworks will have the opportunity to make a “2012 summoner’s rift” reskin when the new one comes out.

  4. Get Shrekt Son

    I’ve read about this, Riot wants to make the summoners rift look more like, y’ know a Summoner’s “Rift” so yes this is the official map that’s gonna come out this year probably. Deal with it.

  5. dota 3

  6. P/ quem usa os mods do Yurixy não vai fazer diferença alguma! xD

  7. This map is looking a lot like dawngate map

  8. Where is these files?
    I checked PBE folder as well as archives. Couldn’t find any texture.

  9. Just looks like hand/computer sketches of the already Summoner’s Rift terrain. Quite a few of them are what look like the exit from bot lane and the double golems. Does not look like a new official map to me. I’d rather them put in abbreviated forms of play for summoner’s rift. I don’t really like to lose, especially if the game takes 45 minutes. So, I stick to ARAM. I’d rather play with 5 people on Summoner’s Rift but maybe take out the river and outer turrets.

  10. Its the same maps as Dota 2 use, dont even thing about it….

  11. Nice :O

  12. DOTA

  13. wow

  14. some rioter replied to a question about why we didn’t get any seasonal maps (e.g. Snowdown Summoner’s Rift) with ‘You’ll see in Q1 2014’… and Q1 is coming to an end.. so…that’s possibly reworked map visual

  15. You can’t see the pics anymore.

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