Noir Rift



  • Night charming environment.


  • Author: Yurixy
  • Tested on LOL version: 4.1
  • Tested on SIU version: 4.24
  • Skin version: 5
    1. 01 Jan 2013 – Release
    2. ? – Improved textures
    3. ? – Improved textures
    4. ? – Improved textures
    5. 09 Sep 2013 – Fix


This map doesn’t work anymore since Riot released the new Summoner’s Rift.

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Founder of - now

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  1. Hi i need some support,i followed the tutorials in the site and in the SIU,but i cant install the script in my chrome,i throw the script above my browser but nothing happens,it just load the page and says there is no link or page doesnt exist,and,when i click to download,it just open dropbox link but nothing popups,just a white page…can you help me?can you send me the RAR of the skin by a alternative download like mediafire or something?

    • ok i have fixed that,but i click accept and my SIU get in the first plane (above every windows) but there is none “3 files” that shold be downloaded

  2. hi guys. can someone post the link for HD version? ty yurixy

  3. Eu estou colocando pra baixar, quando termina aparece várias janelas e vou apertando Ok até fecharem todas. Depois, a skin é adicionada na database mas quando eu seleciono o botão de install não habilidade(fica cinza/não clicável). Alguma ideia do que seja?

    • Você está executando o SIU em modo administrador? Lembre-se que precisa marcar a caixinha da skin antes de poder instalar, ou é outro problema que acontece?

  4. cannot download, just refresh the browser, tried with chrome and firefox

  5. pls help me i can’t download Noir Rift – Night SD v5 link only refresh web. Please help me

  6. HD no problem,but when i install SD version, successful at once

  7. Yurixy the link still has the problem, instead of taking me to dropbox or downloading i’m just sent to this page or to your main page

  8. I’m really enjoyting tthe theme/design of your weblog.
    Do youu ever run into any browser compatibility problems?
    A couple of my blog visitors have complained about my blog not working correctly in Explorer
    but looks great in Safari. Do you have any solutions to help fix this problem?

  9. belgiumkiddo

    I can’t uninstall the skin
    When I do it it still stays with this skin pls help i want the normal summonorsrift back

    • The Tutorial explains that you can never delete a skin before uninstalling it. Doing it will leave your game with the map skin, the only way around it is to repair your client (through the launcher, it will take some time). Always remember to Uninstall => then Delete.

  10. fix the link plz its still dropbox

  11. When I start a new session of League of Legends (Patch 4.4) I get the “Possibly Corrupted Data” error. If I close League and just start SIU (v4.34) and let it load and start League again the client is fine.
    Just a temporary fix, but it works at least.

    I have tried “Fix Crashes/Invisible Chars/Blue Textures after Patch”. It fixed my blue bushes but this this error.

    • I was having the corruption error, but not anymore… it appears to be random. Opening SIU dispels the error (at least for the next time you open League). Sadly I don’t think there is a permanent way to remove the corruption error (that is not really an error, it’s just a random misinterpretation of the client files check).

  12. Hi. Just wanted to let you know that bushes are blue after today’s patch. Rest seems to be fine.

  13. Links don’t work

  14. There’s something wrong with the downloads. I’ve tried a few maps but I’ve only downloaded the text and image file.

    The download wasn’t as big as stated. (It was super quick so..)

  15. markarian3

    guys when i click the download links i get this message
    Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

  16. The download is broke, all it does is refresh the page, please try to fix it, i’ve seen others have been complaining about it also

    • No, it’s not broken. I just tested here and it’s working. You must use clean browsers or disable your plugins/extensions.
      You can see the Tutorial for more information. The links are tested in Windows 7/8 plus Firefox/Chrome.

      • I still cant download and i have reset Google chrome and disabled all plugins.
        Pls fix i like this skin so much!

        • It works here in both Firefox/Chrome. If it’s not working for you even after resetting Chrome, I suggest you try with Firefox to see what happens.
          Also, run SIU as admin.

          • Hey, I just downloaded this skin. The problem I think they are having is not having SIU be OPEN when they click the download link, as the page will infact just refresh. Yes, it does explicitly say that in your instructions but I think they just glossed over it. Hope this helps :D

    • Its not working for me either no matter what I do, ahh well

  17. i use firefox but th elinks stil don’t work help me plzz maybe send i by mail

    the map is noir rift


    • I recommend you reset your Firefox and re-open SIU and Firefox as admin.
      To reset Firefox, go to Firefox Menu > Help > Troubleshooting Information.
      Make backups from your favorite links first.

  18. Great skin. I use this all the time as it creates a really nice atmosphere. On a side note I feel it doesn’t give any advantages in-game so nobody can complain haha. 10/10

    For people having issues with the download I am on windows 8.1 and had a bit of trouble with this. Solved it by making sure to ‘right click > run as administrator’ for SIU (and update), then ‘right click > run as administrator’ for my browser (Firefox).

  19. I’ve used every browser I can possible download and cannot access the links!! Why are they broken now but were not before! Please fix

    • I just tested the links and they are working for me. Make sure you try to use a clean browser (if you have plugins/extensions try to disable them). And let SIU (latest version) opened before clicking the links.
      The Tutorial page gives more details about what it appears and what you have to do.

  20. Why i can’t download this ? When i click – refreshing page ;c

  21. AwesomeGuy

    I seem to have some problem, I install skin as it is shown in tutorial and my map isn’t changed like it should. Only brushes, shop and some things in lanes are changed, too much details are like they were before, do you have any idea what’s the problem?

  22. I just downloaded this map and i would like to thank yurixy. I have colorblindness that effects my ability to see curtain shades when they are next to each other. thanks to this awsome map skin i can finaly see my cursor without having to focus on it and I dont lose sight of it now.
    Thank you sir this skin has helped out alot.

  23. As now download the new version of web site? ._.

  24. InterpolSync

    i cant download :c

  25. curr there is no way of downloadinf off this site, io error on all servers with Get

  26. I cant seem to find the download button .

  27. I think a patch 3.14 rework would be nice! I love this map skin.

  28. pls fix brushes textures!! =( [3.14 ver]

  29. New brushies need update ‘~’

  30. My walls, shopkeeper and other small parts are all blue when I installed this map. I tried the re-path, reinstalling and everything. Help! :D

  31. am i the only idiot here who cant find the download button? :P

  32. My Shop, River and part of the Base’s walls are blue still on Noir Rift, and some of the lane walls as well

  33. CheeringRoger

    Hey, I really like your custom maps. It’s a great piece of art. I have an idea that would make the maps more handy in game. If you put a circle(just a thin line) around the turrets that represents the turret range it will help players a lot in lane. I hope you think this is a good idea :). Thanks anyway for the great artwork!

  34. Ty Yuri this map give me stable fps! on me wooden pc thanks a lot! Can u upload this map in LD?

  35. Thank you so much ! I’m tired of the standard map. And there was a bit disappointed after 3.11. But, thank you Yurixy and you Chewbacca59 for fast fix. Great job guys.

  36. sullymassacre

    Thank you so much for this quick fix Yurixy, epic Rift skin dude!

  37. Thank you so much for this quick fix Yurixy, epic Rift skin!

  38. Do you have a way ,that older Custom Champon Skins will work again? Dont want to wait til the Real Tango Tf will we released..

    • I will give priority to fix the map skins first. I think it will be a long time until I try to fix champion skins. Your best bet is to wait for an new skin installer which auto-fix all the skins for the new patch, or maybe find another solution.

  39. Great work, everything is fine. Will you remake sunset beach mod to work for 3.11 patch too?

  40. the uh, rocks, various walls, and river are all blue. is there any way to fix that?

    • Did you follow the instruction (step 2)?

      • Im having same Problem and yes i did uncheck The FIx Skin Textures with Format Dxt3

        • I don’t know what is causing your problem, the skin is working fine here, I played some games with it. Can you send me an screenshot from what you can see and what not (blue!?) ?

          On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 3:18 PM, Yurixy Works

      • Edit: Fixed the Problem, i uninstalled everything did the Unchecking of DxT3, Redownloaded the Map but this time i didnt UNzip the folder i just kept it In its Rar Format, then i ran it again and its fixed.

  41. AwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesomeAwesome

  42. Only one thing to say: Awesome.

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