Sakura Rift



  • Japanese environment.
  • Mahjong tiles at the bases + stairs.
  • Glass house kanji at the base.
  • Mini custom tatami at the base.
  • Sakura trees.
  • Smooth transition from grass to river cliffs.
  • Danger kanji in dragon + baron signs.
  • Custom grass + soil around the map.
  • Towns + gates are made of a mix of wood and stone.
  • Custom shrines: Toki VS Saki (Day) / Koromo VS Teru (Night). Tribute for my favorite anime: Saki.


  • Author: Yurixy
  • Tested on LOL version: 4.1
  • Tested on SIU version: 4.24
  • Skin version: 1
    1. 05 Jun 2013 – Release


This map doesn’t work anymore since Riot released the new Summoner’s Rift.

About Yurixy

Founder of - now

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  1. Tem como re-fazer esse mapa baseado nos modelos novos do mapa do jogo?

  2. I tried downloading this, but it just redirected me back to this page. I disabled all of my extensions, and tried in both firefox and chrome, but it still didn’t work

  3. when i’ve downloaded the Skin it’s only 13 file! And an Erro tap appears! Before SIU download it had a view exception tap! how can i fix it?

  4. cobbleplay

    Yurixy , não estou conseguindo fazer o download dos mapas , algo está errado com os links de download , as paginas ficam em branco e o download não começa

    • Olá. Você executou o SIU (Skin Installer Ultimate) em modo administrador antes de tentar clicar em algum link?

    • Descobri como fazer o download!
      Você vai ter que autorizar o sricpt manualmente, assim que abri a tela em branco (no navegador google Chrome) aparece no canto direito da barra de url, perto da estrela de favoritar, um escudo prateado você clicka nele e vai aparecer a seguinte mensagem: “Esta página possui Scripts de fontes não autenticadas, Carregar script não seguro” click na mensagem clickavél e ele abrirá a pagina da Home do Yurixy, abra novamente o link que você deseja fazer o download e ele será realizado apenas uma vez, na próxima vez que você quiser realizar o download terá que fazer o processo novamente.

  5. Yurixy , não estou conseguindo acessar o link de download , está dando algum erro em que o download não começa e a página fica em branco

  6. Hi i was trying to download some map skins, but it just refreshed your main page.
    It would be easier to download map skins with mirror mode like Noir Rift.

  7. Yurixy, esse mapa não é compatível com a 4.4 Tenho de reinstalar vários arquivos. Por sorte, tenho backup.

    • Opa, é sempre recomendado ter backups em caso de maiores updates mesmo. Eu ainda não atualizei meu League aqui, vou dar uma olhada o que acontece.

      • Ele pede cerca de 5 arquivos .raf e .dat. Mesmo instalando todos de volta, dá erro de BugSplat. Também não consigo usar o FoxeUI e qualquer outra modificação que continha antes. Espero que o SIU atualize logo.

        • Opa desculpe pela demora em responder, testei sim. Estou usando Sakura Rift e Snow Rift aqui esses últimos dias sem problemas. Não sei reproduzir o problema que você teve.

  8. It sends me to a dropbox link but only for a few secs it sends me back to the original page of the map I want. Whats going on there? D:

  9. how do i remove the kanji?

  10. Why sat and night versions are removed on the new site?

    • Hello. The SAT type is removed from all maps. After getting enough stats about them I realized that it was not worth the effort to make the SAT version where almost no one liked/downloaded it.
      The night version of Sakura Rift was removed due to a rework in Sakura that I’m doing.

  11. Which file do I have to delete to remove the kanji in the base?

  12. Hanhhunter

    I like this skin. How i can download it?

    • Click in the GeT button to go to the download page.

      • hmm with your new site, how can i download it???

        • Just click on “Sakura Rift – Day SD v1″ in the Download section!

        • Hello, download and open SIU, after it’s fully loaded, try to click a map link from here. It should load the map automatically into SIU. Links are confirmed to work in both Firefox/Chrome, check if your browser has a no-script add-on, it will cause the links to fail. In any case I will do a tutorial soon teaching how to do it, but it’s very, very simple. If you get any error message in SIU, post a screenshot here of your error or send an email to LGG (lordgregreg “without spaces”).

  13. How i can download this skin ?

  14. cant wait for this one to be redone. Surprise yurixy pls surprise us. This 1 looks the best of all. Still no ETA?

    • Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this comment and thought it would be a good idea to say that Sakura Rift is still in my plans here. I’m reworking Snow Rift and will hopefully finish the new Sakura Rift next.

  15. It bugs up my LoL and turns my map blue…. Anyone else with this problem? I’d like to use this skin, but not if I risk having to repair again.

  16. How made this map ?

  17. It won’t let me delete the

    • Hm? Are you using WinRAR? If you have WinRAR, just open the RAR file with it, and then open the folders until you see the textures files, then you can click on + and delete it.

  18. Amazing! That looks like autumn rift <3

  19. How come…
    I can’t understand how much alike we are… (Note that when I shared the Lyrical Garden link, I posted as ~Mihoko on Facebook…)
    This is awesome. Too bad SIU doesn’t want to work on my end anymore.

  20. do you have any plans for a winter themed summoners rift at all? I really love, and use your glacitas treeline, and would love to see a summoners rendition if you ever felt like it.

    • Yes! I have plans for it. I just can’t promise dates because the work is really hard to do, but I will do it eventually.

      • Hell, i wouldnt expect a date from you at all. you are an indepen doing FREE work. no matter how long it takes, it is much appreciated to have options like these available.

  21. will this work for the mac client?

    • Question. When I installed map why it asked me to replace teemo shrooms?

      • I think that is a common mistake from SIU, it gets the mushroom of the map and then “thinks” that it will replace the Teemo’s shroom, but this don’t occur. We are waiting for Dargon release, because SIU is not being updated anymore. You don’t need to worry about the shroom message though, it doesn’t change Teemo shroom.

  22. Amazing skin <3

    Is there a way I can manual install this?

    Sadly SIU doesn't support our server(garena).

  23. amazing map as all of your creations, thank you very much :) i would love to have your woody UI skin too hehe

  24. Awesome.

  25. Joao carlos

    Omg …. Mt foda!

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