Welcome to MapSkins.com

We changed our name from ‘Yurixy Works’ to ‘Map Skins’. More details about this change here.
We are starting now an adventure with new map skins for this year. Expect brand new works coming soon.
Moreover, we have new pages and a new proper contact page. Now you can contact us much easier!



Featured Map Skins


Featured Champion Skins

  1. Hello i love your work. Have you planed to make a version of Magic rift to the new rift?

    • Hi, I had this idea yeah! Also, I’m currently working on the old map and I think we’ll be able to play on the old map skins that we made (such as “Magic Rift” or “Beach Rift”). In anyways, the Magic Rift will be back!

  2. are the servers down right now??

  3. Could you make a Youtube tutorial on how to install a custom map skin? I always seem to get lost on one of the steps.

    • You can follow the very simple guide we made for Wooxy.
      Maybe I will do a video for the next version of Wooxy, because it will be changed drastically, but I won’t do a video for the current version (since the app will change).

  4. We want beach map theme

  5. you could not make an adaptation of the old map to the new?

  6. Wow the new design looks great! I especially like how when you hover your mouse over a map, it shows more information about it. Thanks for all the skins you guys make!

  7. Gotta love the green TT.
    Awesome work man! Keep up the good work! =D

  8. Where are the wallpapers? :(

  9. I will move the wallpapers to a separated personal blog in the future.

  10. You just need to install it again in Wooxy, since a game patch will automatically uninstall all custom installed skins.

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