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We changed our name from ‘Yurixy Works’ to ‘Map Skins’. More details about this change here.
We are starting now an adventure with new map skins for this year. Expect brand new works coming soon.
Moreover, we have new pages and a new proper contact page. Now you can contact us much easier!



Featured Map Skins

  1. original summoners rift, Love That Caotic scenary , THANKS <3 Time For THALL

  2. Pls Winter Map 2010 :) i need it! :D

  3. The Beach Rift makes me dazzled,especially on day.

  4. jerry891010

    Is it supported on garena now?

  5. how do you install it?

  6. Can someone make the funniest skin of any champ possible

  7. Hey, Yurixy
    Can you guys create a Christmas map like the old summoner’s rift?
    That would be so nice :)

  8. Would be nice if you can fix the animations for the only Summoners Rift. The Jgl creeps doesnt have any animation at attack, Baron and Drake too :/

    • Chewy’s planning on fixing this. He said he focused more on the map than the jungle creeps. Just wait until he fixes it. ;)

  9. Please make a mac version of wooxy.
    had a pc used this was great, got a mac but cant use it anymore

  10. Hey just a question, Didn’t you guys used to do minion skins? Are you not able to do them anymore? Thanks in advance. Also I love everything you guys do here!

  11. When will the next map skin come out? ;)

  12. Hey Wooxy ty for the original sumoner rift skin!

  13. Please allow us to put more information on the Version field when creating a skin. Only one number is ridiculous and inefficient. I’d like to be able to insert numbers, letters and special characters (e.g.: v:5.11b).

  14. you can make your new map called about Butcher’s Bridge?

  15. Don’t know where to ask this, but is it possible for anyone on the MapSkins team to make the loading screen look like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcokRRBRq1A

  16. plz add the possibility to order skins in wooxy interface (i hope you understand what i mean…)

  17. xzanderzone

    i have 2 custom skins dat dont work together? ‘kratos’ for darius and ‘duke nukem’ on graves, both work fine , but somehow i cant have both installed?(installing one uninstals the other) why is this and is there anny way to solve it?:p

    • Sometimes two custom skins can have the same modified particle file being used. Wooxy uninstalls the previous one to ensure that you won’t have bugs or crashes during the game.

      • xzanderzone

        ah:/ so, if i look for the overlapping file and delete it in one of them they will both work?

        • Yes. If all files from both packages (skins) are exclusive to each one, they can coexist.

          • xzanderzone

            thx^^ ok so it was a file called ‘darius.skn’ i deleted this and both seem to work fine now? no appearent differences… is this file needed for annything?

          • If both skins are working fine, I guess the file wasn’t needed (to make the skin work) :)

  18. How do you choose who you collaborative with?

  19. Cosmosaurus

    Also, how close would you say your next map skin is to completion?

  20. Cosmosaurus

    Hey Yurixy, where can I find your old wallpapers? I restored my computer and I don’t have them anymore, they were really nice :(

  21. Please can you tell me how to Create a custom skin?? Pease full details . :/

    • For starters, I recommend using Wooxy to extract skins (.dds files), then PaintNET or Photoshop with Nvidia plugins to export .dds files. Then you can use Wooxy again to install your custom modified files.

      • If i extract dds files, modificate them and applying due to Wooxy (instal skin) and play game. Textures did not changed. I dont know methodes of creating .wxy files. I try change extracted textures and installing them, but game is still without changes. But if i use Night/Ice Rift skins, they works perfectly, soo somethings with create process to .wxy must be broken. Rly for my bad eng ;)

  22. where did the old yurixyworks.com go???? :'(

    • I changed the website address from yurixyworks.com to mapskins.com because of some reasons.
      One of the main reasons is that we are a growing team and the name “yurixy works” lost a bit the concept, also I’m focusing more on map skins now instead of just random stuff like wallpapers and other miscellanea.

  23. pls create a beach rift for the new map :) <3

  24. xzanderzone

    anny 1 has dragonball skins? the ones i find dont rly seem to work xD(they uninstall other champ skins?)

  25. I just realized the picture at the top is summoners rift XD

  26. plz can you create some skin for annie?

  27. benkadu000

    The website is diferente. It’s so nice now

  28. Would it be possible to give us the old hud back (the one we have now) when the new one comes out?

  29. Could anyone make a hud mod for the new hud when it comes out i would really like some darker options or with like Spirit Guard Udyr themed hud for the new hud when it comes out.

  30. Hey, just letting you guys know, that i tried wooxy …on my new Windows 10 beta…And its totally broken, i tried to drag and drop a .wxy file, and it didnt even register i even tried to “Add a package button” and it said “This File isnt supported by wooxy” even though it was the new Night Rift made by Yurixy herself! Please patch, or let me know of a way around it? (I cant install .wxy files on SIU…either so any and all WIndows 10 users are screwed…thank you for your time! Chewy and Yurixy! big fan! love what yall are doing! for the LoL Community! And one last thing, Yurixy, what ever happened to your HoN map skin? Is it just obsolete now? Is that why we cant download it at all? I would love to get a copy of it, if at all possible! Please and thank you!


  31. It seems like Wooxy isn’t working with the newest League’s patch 5.11, when can we expect a update on that? Or it’s just on my end?

  32. Is possible to replace champion voice in game? I extracted shaco voice bun I don’t know how to implemet new voice in game. Can you tell me how? ps: Sorry for my bad enlish

  33. je narrive pas a téllécharger la nouvelle map help

  34. Chewy how it is going with the old sr ? any updates ? im so hyped to play it :D

    • It’s going very well! I just discovered many cool things and I implemented them to the old map. Stay tuned, it shouldn’t take a long time now…

      • benkadu000

        Nice I’m missing he old map it was very cool. I was level 8 when the map update came out

  35. Wooxy doesnt seem to open for me.. What should I do?

  36. Can you do something for install chinese SplashArt for each champion please? :)
    #Sry for my bad English ! :c

    • hmm i will try to do that actually :P. I wont promise anything though. lets see if i can make it happen, but dont get your hopes up just in case.

  37. Could you possibly make a tool for skin making to make it easier for beginners? Due to the fact making a skin look high quality is pretty hard if you ask me.

  38. rocketmail410

    Where can i find the full list of champion skins?

  39. The Halloween map should look like the old Original Halloween map from Riot :) ( same colours , should be dark too and spooly ;P ) I think that would make very many league players happy , who loved the old times from LoL . Another cool thing would be a tutorial video in how to create lol map skins. Thank you very much ! And keep doing this awesome work !

  40. Is it possible for you to make a way to convert other skins from other sites like leaguecraft into wooxy files, due to the fact the other skin installers take much longer and are harder to use than wooxy.

  41. could i please make a request? forsaken vi?

  42. Please bring a Halloween Map out for this year ! That would be nice to play LoL with the old feelings from Halloween! :) <3

    • That’s a great idea! I would love to have a halloween feel to the rift, especially with fiddlesticks and hecarim :D

  43. Just Asking Can I Be Wooxy Garena Beta Tester?

  44. hey how to i get the arquives for make my own skin i want to make a skin of rammus(sorry for the mistakes i am brazillian)

    • Inside Wooxy > Create Skin > Get Files > lol_game_client > DATA > Characters > Rammus > Extract this folder
      Not sure what is the correct DDS file from base Rammus skin though… I never made a Rammus skin.

      • hi, first off great work on the maps, using the night rift and i love it
        i do have a question though, is it somehow possible to set ravenborn leblanc as the default skin? its the only good looking skin for leblanc to be honest :d

  45. Hi, just wondering what programs you guys use to create skins? I’m interested in learning how to make some of my own (SO SCARED TO BEGIN) and I’m not really sure what to use :s

    • Each member of the team uses their favorite program. Any program that can edit .DDS files can create custom skins.
      Examples are: Photoshop, Paint NET and Gimp.

      • Awesome, thanks! I’ve picked up Paint.Net (next step is learning how to use it correctly, to Youtube I go!) and succeeded at making a terrible Alistar skin.

        • Oh! *edit*

          To replace, say Base Vi with Neon Vi (as in Neon becomes the ‘base’), how would I go about that through Wooxy?

          • Get the skn, skl and blnd files for both skins and rename the Neon Vi files with the base file names accordingly. and add those files in wooxy. :)

          • @PentaKing Unable to reply to your post for some reason, so I’ll just do it here :P

            Thank you so much! I love you guys (and anyone else who decides they helped and wants an ego boost, good job you! You’re the man/woman/animal!)

            You’re all so helpful and I absolutely love you both. Now begins my slow journey into making decent skins!

            I found out it’s time consuming. Took me an hour, maybe more, just to colour (using brush to get the shape/s I want) Bard’s mask in. I have a lot to learn.. :(

          • “You’re the man/woman/animal!” hahaha this cracked us up :D you are welcome and anytime :) let me know if you need help with any of your works. and good luck future skin creator ;)

          • Glad my online comedic career, which has started just this second in order to appease you creation gods (please don’t smite me?) is paying off :D

            Thank you so much for all your help, and thank you guys again for the words of encouragement! Might just try poor little re-colours until I get used to Paint.Net and the whole process. Again, thank you! :)

  46. Caio Khauam

    the neo beach rift too, the old maps looks so much awesome and clearer, I wish I could play them

  47. Caio Khauam

    I would love to play the winter rift, noir rift and sakura rift on the new summoners rift, please, please, update it T-T

  48. Can I Download it ?

  49. Will you update the Ice Rift to a new revision?

  50. Will this be supported for Garena?

  51. PLS make a LD normal summoners rift pls! NEED to boost a bit my fps !

  52. Hello i love your work. Have you planed to make a version of Magic rift to the new rift?

    • Hi, I had this idea yeah! Also, I’m currently working on the old map and I think we’ll be able to play on the old map skins that we made (such as “Magic Rift” or “Beach Rift”). In anyways, the Magic Rift will be back!

  53. are the servers down right now??

  54. You just need to install it again in Wooxy, since a game patch will automatically uninstall all custom installed skins.

  55. Could you make a Youtube tutorial on how to install a custom map skin? I always seem to get lost on one of the steps.

    • You can follow the very simple guide we made for Wooxy.
      Maybe I will do a video for the next version of Wooxy, because it will be changed drastically, but I won’t do a video for the current version (since the app will change).

  56. Where are the wallpapers? :(

  57. We want beach map theme

  58. you could not make an adaptation of the old map to the new?

  59. Wow the new design looks great! I especially like how when you hover your mouse over a map, it shows more information about it. Thanks for all the skins you guys make!

  60. Gotta love the green TT.
    Awesome work man! Keep up the good work! =D

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